Sussex Charmer 100g x 8

Sussex Charmer 100g x 8
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Sussex Charmer 100g x 8
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8 individually wrapped 100g portions, presented in a beautiful bespoke box.

A totally unique cheese, Sussex Charmer took the cheese world by storm, when it won.

Best New Dairy Product in 2008.

Best British Modern Cheese 2012

Best in Catering and Food Service cheese in show Nantwich International Cheese Awards 2013

Quality Food Awards 2017 Best British Cheddar

Back in 2007, we married the production methods of a traditional farmhouse cheese with that of an Italian Style Hard Cheese, creating a cheese unlike any the world had tasted before.

Sussex Charmer is made exclusively with milk from our own Welfare Assured cows, grass fed at Pallinghurst Farm in Rudgwick, West Sussex. Started over fifty years ago, the herd of Jersey - Freisian cross cows produces an exceptionally high quality milk that is perfect for creating this creamy and full bodied award-winning cheese.

Sussex Charmer has a creamy mature cheddar taste with a long mature flavour. It is great with apples and pears; its long taste profile works well with pickles and is great for whenever you're cooking. It adds a sublimely creamy taste when grated over pasta. Endowed with superb meltability, Charmer on toast is simply divine!



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The unique recipe of Sussex Charmer produces a cheese that is a cross between a Traditional Mature Farmhouse Cheese and a Parmesan. It is produced exclusively with milk from our own herd of dairy cows from Pallinghurst Farm in Rudgwick, West Sussex. We have been at the forefront of dairy farming for three generations. Our Welfare Assured cows, are grass fed and are of mixed breed, producing milk that is very high in protein and butterfat. This high quality milk (Bacta scan less than 50, TBC less than 200) is the essential ingredient for producing a cheese that is very creamy and full of flavour. In its first year Sussex Charmer reached the final 12 in the 2007 Tesco Cheese Challenge and in 2008 received a bronze at the World Cheese Awards. Amazingly, it won BEST NEW DAIRY PRODUCT at the 2008 Nantwich International Cheese Awards, which is the largest cheese awards in the world. Sussex Charmer has continued to do very well at Nantwich with Best British modern in 2012 and Best catering and food service cheese in show in 2013. It has also won Gold at The Great Taste Awards 2010 and 2012.


Sussex Charmer is Vegetarian Society Approved        veg soc green small


Nutritional values:

Energy Kcal 414Protein 25.2 g

Carbohydrates 0.1 g

Of which sugar Tr

Of which starch Tr

Fat 34.9 g

Of which saturates 21.7 g

Of which mono unsaturates 9.4 g

Of which poly unsaturates 1.1 g

Sodium 702 mg

Taste Characteristics

A full-bodied and creamy, mature farmhouse cheese taste followed by a zing of Parmesan! Sussex Charmer has a firm yet crumbly texture with a long taste profile, making it the ideal compliment for pickles and chutneys. It is an exceptional table cheese, to be enjoyed with fruit or a glass of wine. However, it also grates well and unlike Parmesan, is made from full fat milk, hence melting beautifully over pasta or when employed for cheese on toast, cheese sauces, soufflés and scrambled eggs. An all-round performer, this cheese is a must in every kitchen.


Trade Information

Weight Dimension No. / Case Cases / Pallet Product bar code Shelf Life minimum
100g           60 days
200g 65 x 65 x 65mm 12 160 5060071546017 90 days 60 days
500g 65 x 65 x 145mm 6
90 days  60 days
1kg       50600715460
 90 days 60 days
2.5kg  90 x 90 x 280mm
 90 days 60 days
2kg grated   5
45 days
30 days



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