Southdowns Butter Information

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This butter is made in the traditional way using top quality cream. Most butter on the market today is produced by a continuous butter maker, which basically forces the cream into butter within a matter of minutes. This procedure enables butter to be made quickly but tends to be devoid of taste. With our butter, however, the cream is aged for three days before it is churned using traditional methods. Once churned, it is washed with ice cold water, after which it is rolled to remove any moisture. It is then extruded into rolls and hand packed into traditional paper wraps.

South Downs Butter is available both unsalted and slightly salted and comes in three different formats: 200g rolls, 2kg tub it has won numerous awards, including Great Taste Awards Gold six years in a row.

Nutritional Values
Energy Kcal 717
Protein 0.5 g
Available Carbohydrates 0.1 g
Of which sugar Tr
Of which starch Tr
Fat 81.7 g
Of which saturates 54 g
Fibre Nil
Sodium (Slightly salted) 0.6g
Sodium (UnSalted) Nil


Grandma says...

This is a really creamy butter full of flavour, reminiscent of butter from yester year. A lovely golden yellow in colour, it is firm in texture and deliciously creamy in taste.
South Downs Butter can be frozen and our unsalted version is ideal for cooking. Indeed, it is used by many award-winning bakers, who insist on using our butter and nothing else.